Tuesday, November 28, 2006

About: A License to raise Kids

I know it sounds like Big Brother - but sometimes I observe parents and their kids, or I just only see how some kids behave, and I can't help thinking: You should have to go for a test and get a license before you're allowed to raise kids. What do you think?

Monday, November 27, 2006

About being argumentative

A round of friends. Let's say somebody mentions Baileys. We get deeper into the subject and talk about the ingredients. I say, I think one of them is coffee. That other guy who (thinks he) knows it all says "No it's chocolate", with his nose pointing almost up to the ceiling. "But I'm quite sure it's coffee," I reply, because that's what we were told when we were on a holiday in Ireland, and the Irish should know I thought. "NO ITS CHOCOLATE," he insists, sitting straight up in his chair and tilting his head to the left side, looking everywhere but not at me. Silence. Somebody changes the subject.

Same scenario, same subject, other people. Again I say I think one of the ingredients of Baileys is coffee. That guy who really knows a lot says "Oh really? I always thought it was chocolate." "Well, it's possible, I can't tell the difference between cacao and coffee plants anyway," I reply and we talk about these plants, about other plants, about gardening, about chilling, about holidays... The conversation goes on, pleasantly.

I think:
- there are people who are argumentative by nature
- there are people who are (not) argumentative by choice
- there are people who are not argumentative by nature

What do you think?

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About getting old. Well.... elderly. Q1:

Should I or should I not wear shorts or minis although I know that my legs give away my age?
What do YOU think? I know MY answer